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What is the cost of a first visit to the dentist?
Between $60 and $230.

How long does the first dental visit last?
About 90 minutes.

What does the first visit involve?
A complete oral health exam, treatment plan – if required, dental x-rays, and dental cleaning (if there are no medical contra-indications).

Does Clinique Dentaire Saint-Léonard accept emergencies?

What payment methods do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, debit card, cash.

How many dentists currently work at Clinique Dentaire Saint-Léonard?
Four in all, three men and one woman.

Can you extract a really painful tooth on the same day of the emergency?
Not usually. The dentist must verify the patient's medical history and ensure that there are no contra indications.

Is it normal for my gums to bleed?
No. Bleeding gums are the initial signs of gum disease and possibly underlying system diseases. It is recommended that you make an appointment immediately if your gums bleed when you brush or floss your teeth, or at any other time.

At what age should children start seeing the dentist?
Three years old.

How often should I visit my dentist?
At least once a year, though ideally, patients should see the dentist every six months. A dentist is the only medical professional who looks into your mouth. He or she is best placed to detect any number of ailments or conditions.

Does it hurt to go to the dentist?
No, but everyone's tolerance to discomfort and pain is different. Dentists and dental professionals take every precaution to ensure their patients' comfort and avoid pain when performing dental procedures.

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